Week 7 – Posing and Faces

I haven’t been remembering to post, so take this meager offering.

The image

We will have to consult someone about our project soon, which is a minor issue as I don’t see what I could say. All this project is, is me drawing mediocre-at-best art with a pencil I found on the ground. But it is a requirement, so I’ll have to find something.

Basic Human Skeleton

Again made with paper, a pencil, and references. I had already known about the ulna and radius twisting when the forearm is rotated, but it is relatively interesting so I decided to document it. Next time, I will make the figure appear in various dynamic poses, some playing with interesting angles or perspective.

A collection of sub-mediocre drawings

I am aware of the odd proportions of the top-left figure.

Genius Hour Plan

As previously stated, I will be attempting to learn more about drawing human anatomy.

  • If I achieve this goal, it will look like I can draw an accurate and realistic human body.
  • Some steps I will need to make to get to that point are practicing and looking at photos.
  • I will need paper and a pencil, primarily.
  • I will not need any outside help from another person.

A Short Introduction

Greetings and salutations, I commend your bravery in traversing to this god-forsaken wasteland of abhorrently awful artwork and utter lack of knowledge regarding the English language. I sincerely advise you to go back from whence you came; for if you do not, you would suffer a fate so torturous I would not wish it upon my worst enemy.

In relation to the actual content of this page, I will be demonstrating my possible improvement in understanding human anatomy in artwork. This will be shown through a series of digital photographs uploaded to this page, the contents of which will be hand-drawn artwork picturing the human body in various poses and levels of detail.